Temari Ball Kit -Interlocking Diamonds- TM-9 -Japanese Instructions Only

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Temari Ball Kit - TM-9 -Japanese Instructions
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Today in modern Japan the temari ball is a symbol that represents great loyalty or valued friendship. Mothers make them for their children as part of New Year's celebrations too. The intricate, hypnotic work that goes into a temari ball makes them spectacular display pieces, a real tribute to craftsmanship and patience.

Foam core (red) 1pc
Foam core (black) 1pc
Thread (Cotton 100%)(Olympus No.5) 
col no. 190  13m
col no.2215  13m
col no.486   24m
col no.810    14m
col no.811    14m
Thread Olympus Lame (Rayon/polyester=63/37%) 
col.LA-2  5m
Needle  2pcs
Plastic display stands x2
Color instruction (Japanese)x1

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