Jane MacDonald leads wonderful tours around Japan showing the home, origins and highlights of Japanese textiles and stitching.

Delve into the world of Japanese textiles with your experienced host Jane and the many knowledgable textile artists you will meet along the way from Tokyo and back. Visit workshops, gardens, temples and enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine with other textile enthusiasts.



Japanese Textiles, Crafts & Sashiko Tour in Spring & Autumn

8 - 20 May 2023 & 16 - 28 November 2023


This special craft tour to Japan is designed and led by Jane MacDonald, focusing on a number of hands on crafts including washi paper making, Indigo dyeing, temari ball making, traditional stencilling techniques, tenegui stamp printing, yuzen and shibori dyeing with visits to a number of textile and sashiko related establishments which Jane is excited to share.

  • Explore Tokushima, the heart of Japan’s Indigo industry
  • Traditional Japanese craft workshops including washi paper making, indigo dyeing, temari ball making, traditional senciling techniques, tenegui stamp printing, yuzen and shibori dyeing
  • Explore the Kitano Tenmangu Flea Market in Kyoto
  • Taking a wonderful and fun sashiko class in Kyoto
  • Visit picturesque Nara and explore Kyoto’s many textile and fabric galleries 


Japan Textile & Stitching Tour in Spring & Autumn

23 May - 06 June 2023 & 31 October - 14 November 2023

This textile and stitching tour to Japan focuses on sashiko, kogin, chiku-chiku, and indigo dyeing with visits to many textile related towns and establishments along the way.
  • Explore and learn all about kogin-zashi
  • We learn traditional sashiko techniques from a very talented group of inspirational teachers
  • Enjoy a class with a well-known Japanese teacher and learn Chiku Chiku style of Stitching
  • Workshop for shibori dyeing
  • Visit a traditional Japanese town, discover beautiful old fabrics and samples of sashiko and boro
  • Visit the famous needle shop, Nomura Tailor for fabric shopping and wonder around the aromatic Nishiki Market in Kyoto
  • Visit an indigo dyers shop and the original Blue and White shop



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Hosted by Opulent Journeys and Jane MacDonald
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