Temari Ball Kit - Geometric Petals- TM-11 -Japanese Instructions Only

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Temari Ball Kit - ™-11 -Japanese Instructions
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Today in modern Japan the temari ball is a symbol that represents great loyalty or valued friendship. Mothers make them for their children as part of New Year's celebrations too. The intricate, hypnotic work that goes into a temari ball makes them spectacular display pieces, a real tribute to craftsmanship and patience.



Foam cores (white) 2pcs
Thread (Cotton 100%)(Olympus No.5)
col no. 101   8m
col no.1084  8m
col no.1118   8m
col no.1120   8m
col no.171     8m
col no.2021   7m
col no.2215   7m
col no.290     5m
col no.540     8m
col no.542    11m
col no.546    8m
Thread Olympus Lame (Rayon/polyester=63/37%)
col.LA-2  5m
Needle 2pcs
Plastic display stand x2
Color instruction (Japanese)x1


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