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Each of these wooden girls in uniform have their individual charm, with a different shirt pocket and hair/hat colour. Gift her as a trinket of good luck for the new school year, to liven up a bookshelf or keep you company at your desk.

8 years ago on a trip to Japan Jane came across Chifune Woodworks at a craft market in Tokyo and has admired her work ever since. 

Handmade in Japan
Approximately 8.5cm (3.3in) in height 

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Made using Japanese wood such as Mizuki, cherry and zelkova (Mizuki is a wood often used for traditional Japanese doll kokeshi dolls)& walnut, ebony and maple for their rich colours..

Born in Kanagawa prefecture in 1989.  After graduating from Musashino Art University in 2012, Chifune got a job at a company that manufactures and sells woodworking miscellaneous goods in Odawara.  While working here, she begins to make her own work.  In 2016, she became independent and started producing woodwork works as "Chifune woodworks (木工房千舟 mokkoubou Chifune)".  Inspired by movies, animations, landscapes seen while travelling and beyond, Chifune uses wood inlay and wood turning techniques to create works straight out of a picture book.

She exhibits and presents her works at craft markets, department stores and galleries near Tokyo.



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