Jane MacDonald and Cally Bennett, Boro, Sashiko and Kogin in the Northern Rivers.

Cally Bennet Organises every year a 4 Days retreat in the Northern Rivers for everyone interested in Japanese Fabrics and Sewing. Jane MacDonald will teach several sewing and embroidery techniques including Sashiko, Boro and Kogin.

This year the retreat takes place in Lennox Heads and is organised in two themes.

13-14 September 2018 BORO (FULL) 


Boro is the Japanese way to describe a fabric or a garment that has been patched or mended. Japanese indigo dyed cotton garment were recycled and used to patch other pieces of clothing giving them a distinctive aspect. 

 Below is our Boro Inspired Loop Bag



15-16 Septembre 2018 Sashiko, Hitomezashi & Kogin-Sashi


Hitomezashi or one stitch Sashiko is a two step Sashiko technique. Following the stencilled lines on the muslin, your sashiko stitches will define the structure of the design. In a second step the thread is woven through the sashiko stitches according to a pattern shown in the instructions. The cloth is then washed to reveal the design clear of the stencilled lines.


Kogin is an ancient Embroidery technique originating from the Aomori prefecture in Japan. Traditionally, a cotton thread was embroidered on a hemp or linen fabrics to make peasants garment more resistant to cold climates. With time, kogin designs became more specific to particular areas and developed into an art. 

PLEASE REGISTER YOUR INTEREST AND BOOK WITH CALLY: callybennett@bigpond.com or 04 05 14 04 00